Ryvka Barnard

Norwich Palestine Solidarity Campaign Public Meeting and AGM

Palestinian Political Prisoners

Speaker: RYVKA BARNARD: War on Want Campaigns Officer

Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, Central Norwich

Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 7pm

Israel, like other colonial regimes, has a long history of using arrest and detention as a method to repress political organising by Palestinians. During the first intifada (uprising) in the 1980’s, thousands of Palestinians were taken prisoner by Israel for their political activities. These included ‘offences’ such as organising and participating in protests, taking part in assemblies or vigils, waving flags and other political symbols, or printing and distributing political material.The prisoner crisis remains today. As of October 2016, Israel is holding 7000 Palestinians as political prisoners, including 720 in administrative detention, 400 children and 64 women.

This meeting will be followed by a short AGM to elect officers for the coming year

All are welcome to attend this important meeting

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