Eitan Bronstein Aparricio

Talk and Discussion: Eitan Bronstein Aparicio

Wednesday 23rd May, 7:00 pm all welcome

St Peter’s Jessop Road Church, NR2 3QA (on-site parking is available)

Eitan Bronstein Aparicio is the founder of Zochrot (2001) and co-founder of De-Colonizer, set up in 2015 together with political anthropologist and activist Eleonore Merza Bronstein.

De-Colonizer is a research and art laboratory that produces materials to expose and challenge the colonial nature of the Israeli regime. Based in Tel Aviv, the work of De-Colonizer is both local and international and all the material are available in Hebrew, French and English. De-Colonizer sees the situation in Palestine / Israel as settler-colonialism and combines research and activism to address it. Its activities include seminars, direct actions, conferences and alternative tours in Israel and Palestine.

De-Colonizer has done significant work on the Nakba in Israel. It produces videos on direct action in the streets of Tel Aviv, such as this one in 2016 to commemorate the Nakba.

In January 2018, Eitan and Eleonore published their book called “Nakba in Hebrew”. It reflects on the political journey that changed the discourse on the Nakba in Israel. A survey among Israeli Jews that was conducted especially for the book found the close to fifth of them support the right of return of the Palestinian refugees. Eitan will offer some insights on this specific research.

Eitan will also present the map “Colonialism in Destru(A)ction that shows the Palestinian, Syrian Jewish localities destroyed since the beginning of Zionist migration until today and into the future.



Despite the very disappointing turnout, we were very impressed with the talk given by Eitan Bronstein Aparicio at  St Peter’s (Jessop Road) Church on May 23.

Eitan outlined some of the work done by Zochrot (an organisation he founded in 2001) and De-Colonizer, which he co-founded in 2015 with his partner, the political anthropologist and activist, Eleonore Meza Bronstein. He talked about the research and art laboratory projects promoted to expose Israel’s colonialist regime. He also talked movingly about his own family’s move from Argentina in the early sixties and how as a child he became fascinated by a ruined Crusader castle and a deserted Palestinian village hidden by trees from the kibbutz that they lived in.

He focused on two main aspects of De-Colonizer’s work, showing a short film of Israeli activists bravely interviewing fellow Israelis in the streets of Tel Aviv about the Nakba and exposing the ignorance and hostility and (only occasionally) the sympathetic understanding of those questioned.  He also presented the map ‘Colonialism in Destru(A)ction’ which the organisation researched and published to illustrate Palestinian, Syrian and Jewish localities destroyed since the beginning of Zionist migration until the present. We bought a copy for the group and anyone wishing to familiarise themselves with this revelatory document should contact the Branch Secretary.

We thank National PSC for organising Eitan’s speaking tour.

Keith Rowley

Chair Norwich PSC

Website for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign of Norwich