Peace Cycle

Thursday 19th April – The Forum Theatre

The Peace Cycle London to Jerusalem Bike Ride

This documentary was first screened in 2006 to a select audience and this was one of the foundations of our annual NPC&PC event.

This is a unique and intimate film which has stood the test of time and is still as relevant now as it was then. Indeed in 2006 one of the cyclists Fares Hatoum agreed to begin his ride from Norwich It left while the Lebanon War was raging but still eventually managed to get there mercifully that one didn’t last too long but was nevertheless horrific like all wars.

We see this as an in house opportunity for NPC&PC members to look back and review our beginnings and also an opportunity for members of Norwich PSC and any member of the public to learn more if they so wish.

There will be a brief intro to the film which lasts about an hour and a half and time for Q&A afterwards.

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