From Balfour to Banksy

Message from the film’s producer, Miranda Pinch I am proud to release, for free viewing, the final cut of the film: From ‘Balfour to Banksy: Divisions and Visions in Palestine’ (2020) Written and Directed by Martin Buckley Produced by Miranda Pinch Filmed and edited by Alexander Wilks Additional editing by Douglas Hossacks Sound Mixing by Will Fox The film is on the front of the website and all you need to do is to click on it! Please feel free to share widely. I look forward to being able to travel with the film again once the COVID19 emergency is over and to provide our popular Q&As following screenings. I am happy to answer questions via this email, our Website or Facebook page From Balfour to Banksy is a non-profit documentary that began life in 2017 with the aim to discover the long term-effects of the British Empire’s colonialist enterprises in the modern day region of Israel and Palestine and its role in creating the legacy of division that remains there today. If you would like to know any more about the project then please do explore our website and/or contact me. Any donations are gratefully received, and 100% of what is given will go further into helping us to distribute and subtitle the film into other languages (including Hebrew and Arabic), allowing us to hold screenings for audiences worldwide. We still have quite a few weeks of social distancing and reduced activity, so I hope you will all ‘enjoy’ this opportunity to learn more about the history and ramifications of the Balfour Declaration. All the best and look after yourselves Miranda

Please view the film in your own time then join us on a zoom conference call at 5:30 pm on Wednesday 22nd April. Please click on this link to receive an invitation to join the on line discussion

We hope this will be a monthly series of discussion events that we can have here at Norwich PSC until the Corvid-19 emergency has passed. We welcome feedback from any of you on what we can do to help the cause for Palestine. Please email the secretary of Norwich PSC for more information

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