Illustrated Talk by Kevin Reynolds & Yasmin Kalafitis of Unite

Defense for Children International

2:00 PM Saturday 1st February – Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, Norwich

“Grassroots organisations operating in the occupied territories” From trade unions and civil community organisations, to women’s groups and legal campaigns, there are a huge range of organisations working in Palestine.
Often operating under the radar of the West and on a shoestring budget, activists in these fields often risk their own safety to support the rights of the Palestinian people.

We visited a whole range of campaign organisations, trade unions and NGO’s in Palestine including;
*Palestinian federation of trade unions
*Defense of Children international
*Democracy and workers rights centre
*Coalition of women for peace
*Alquds grassroots network
*Lajee refugee centre

An illustrated talk by Kevin Reynolds and Yasmin Kalafitis: Who both sit on Unite’s regional committee.

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