Palestine Olive Harvest

Activists help with Olive Harvest in Palestine

This month we have taken 5 short documentaries and put them together to make a 42-minute long film about the Olive Harvest. These documentaries vary from mainstream TV programmes to amateur pieces to camera and to professional propaganda films. I will let you decide which is which

  1. Channel 4 “What’s in your Basket”
  2. The Danish House in Palestine, Gold Olive Oil
  3. Rada Daniell 2019 Olive Harvest
  4. The Volcani Institute and Olive Growing
  5. Jim Cohen – Harvesting under occupation 2019

Watch this documentary then join us in the discussion online at 5:30 pm on Wednesday 19th August

Please email me to get the link to watch the film before 19th August and to receive the link to join the discussion

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