Norwich Palestine Solidarity Campaign

A message to all supporters,

We are writing to say how sorry we are that you have heard nothing from the branch at a time when it is most needed.  Sadly, Norwich branch of PSC has collapsed.

This is because of irreconcilable differences within the committee leading to the resignation of all but one committee member.  The AGM which was planned for November has had to be cancelled and, sadly, there is no other option but to close the group down in the hope that in the not too distant future people will come forward to kick start it again.

We appreciate that this will seem trivial compared to the cataclysmic events taking place in Gaza and the West Bank.  We apologise for burdening you with this news but feel that you should be made aware that the branch is no longer functioning.

Please check with National PSC  and Norwich Stop the War Coalition on actions and events and keep up the pressure on our government to support all calls for an end to the slaughter taking place in Gaza.

Thanks to you all,

PS If anyone wishes to start a branch of PSC locally, please contact [email protected] and ask for their help.


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